EA’s press conference summary for you to save time and be up to date.

Madden 18
Like Fifa, Madden will have a story mode where you play as Devin Wade. We expect something similar to Fifa, the rise of a new star in the sports business. Cutscenes full of drama and epicness between gameplay moments. Sounds like I am making fun of it (a little bit), but a story mode is a fresh new element in these sports games, where the gameplay changes usually are not that huge.

Battlefield 1: DLC
‘In the name of the tsar’ will be a new DLC, that brings russians and snow … and more of course. Weapons, new maps etc. Also there will be night maps. Expect more of the content you know and probably love if you like Battlefield.

Well … Fifa. Duh. The story mode is back and the story of Alex Hunter will be continued, which is nice. Also lots of Ronaldo plus small changes in gameplay that are presented as if they invented a new game. But we gonna buy it anyway.

Need for Speed: Payback
Need for Speed is back and spent its free time with Domenic Toretto. If you like over-the-top action and cool one-liners this game might be for you. What I saw kinda reminded me of a playable ‘Fast and Furious’-movie. Which is a good thing.

A Way Out:
First surprise at this E3, ‘A Way Out’ seems to be the playable ‘Prison Break’. But like the series it looks really cool. It requieres coop all the time, so you better get yourself some friends. Either via split screen or online you play as two guys, trying escape a prison. Gameplay looks great, story looks great. To be sure, we have to see a bit more of the game, but this is a promising title.

NBA 2K18:
Madden, Fifa, … and here is NBA. Better graphics, new gameplay elements. NBA is good and hopefully it gets better. According to trailers we will see more of the battle between Kobe and Shaq, why not.

Star Wars Battlefront 2:
Battlefront (1) had amazing grapics and sound effects. My first round playing it was overwhelming. But when you stop being overwhelmed you see that there was a lot that could have been improved. Of course Battlefront 2 promises to make a better game, but when you take a closer look at the new features and improvments you see that they seem to have listened to the people. A story campaign, no season pass, all eras of Star Wars, … Battlefront coulde be the great game that Battlefront 1 should have been. Either way, the trailer was freaking awesome.

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