Doom Open Beta – Review

The long awaited new installment in the Doom series has been finally made available for the public to try out. Can it fulfill the high expectations of it´s large fanbase?


The open beta featured a few maps and game modes. The players also had the opportunity to customize and unlock weapons or different armor. Another aspect new to the series are the perks. You can choose before the start of the game (you have four slots) which ones you want to use.


The game itself feels like a very typical multiplayer shooter. Some modes are simply Team Deatchmatch while others require you to defend a certain moving area. At the beginning you can choose a class (which is simply different weapon sets). It is extremely fast-paced and has some platforming elements (you can climb on ledges and you can jump pretty high).


Now .. I´m not really sure what to tell you. If you´ve ever played a multiplayer shooter then you know everything about this game. If it had not Doom in the title I would have thought that I was playing just another Free to Play multiplayer shooter. The visuals are nothing groundbreaking and look a lot like your standard sci fi shooter. Only a few places here and there feature a more hellish design (blood, skulls, gore). Even though the graphics aren´t special I noticed some technical difficulties like tearing and sometimes a staggering frame rate. It also seems to have some serious problems with Nvidia GPUs, but maybe this was just a thing of the beta. The mechanics felt ok but had no character. This beta felt like a really uninspired, dull multiplayer shooter.


The fanbase also wasn´t satisfied with the game. Fans were very disappointed how different this game felt compared to the other installments. Players say that it feels too much like a modern multiplayer shooter (I agree) and that it lost most of it´s defining elements (the speed, the atmosphere).

I´m not really sure what to think about this game. It didn´t really entertain me a lot and it certainly didn´t feel oldschool. The new Unreal Tournament is a lot better in every regard. I think that the only hope (for the fans atleast) lies within the singleplayer.

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