Acaratus – the hightech middle ages

You like some medieval stories, but do not want to play without technical weapons ?
Then Acaratus could be the right game for you.
This turnbased tactical RPG is now coming out of his early access and brings a campaign with a big map that you have to discover. The character you are playing is named Adina, who is a rich slave dealer and her destiny is to free the people, which are enslaved by the emperor Helios. For whatever reason a slave dealer suddenly attacks other slave dealers, I do not know, it is a little bit confusing. But no matter. With her mechanic battlesuit, you begin a little rebellion and earn experience and extra armor by fighting the injustice on the streets.

The battlesuits can be modified individually so you can decide if you want to fight in close combat like a real knight or hold the distance with a crossbow and a blast cannon. But because you can build up your own little army, you also can get both for the perfect tactical fight. The fighting group can grow up to four battlesuits, which can be customized with totally different bodies, arms, legs and some extra boosters, that makes nearly every fight unique.

To get some training for these tactic battles in the campaign or the multiplayer mode, you can train with your own custom built “robots” in the skirmish mode against AI, what is also quite fun. The fights are not to short and keep the tension. They remember me to a mix of chess, normal RPG and the dungeon genre, what keeps my interest high.

The story scores with ironic dialogues where you can decide between your answers. So if you want to have more background knowledge about what happens, just ask your faithful ingame companion.

But well, like in every game there are also some bad sites.
The graphic is a basic one what is not bad because you need no big PC and it does not affect the medieval mood of the game. However the multiplayer mode was not playable, why I can not say anything about it and I had some problems with saving my score while playing the campaign.

The price is okay for what you get, as long the story keeps being that good.

This game will keep me playing for a while. I just can recommend this as a compact game, which has some pretty interesting potential, if the producers stay this way.

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