_PRISM – Mobile Review

With _PRISM we have another mobile puzzle-game with some interesting design ideas. But just design doesn’t make a good game, so lets dig a bit deeper.

The name somehow hints it, this game plays around with light and different shaped stones/crystals. Like a prism. Technically.
The cool thing is that most of the time you start with a basic form like a cube or a ball. But after a while that turns into different pieces, opens up and creates a way more complex form. Like an advanced rubics cube it changes depending on how to play with it.
This game was created with the Unity-engine, which makes everything on screen even more gorgeous.


The gameplay reminds of a rubics cube as well. First of all, everything is a 3D-model so you can watch it from every angle. At some places you can change the form or solve a small puzzle on one side. After solving that, the crystal changes and creates more puzzle options. You turn one side upside down and find another puzzle on the inside, or you solve a puzzle and then you spin the whole thing for new possibilities.
The very end of every level is to open up the crystal like a safe. Inside there is another cube. This one is shining and spinning and is the goal in every level. You tap on it to finish the level. I like the concept of that small pretty gem inside of a larger crystal and the optic of it. It’s not just solving a puzzle and jumping from one level to another, you can pause for a moment and just watch everything, how it changes and everything.

_PRISM puzzle

The riddles however, are not very challenging. Which is actually very sad, because the ideas of almost every puzzle is good, but they are always solved too quickly. Most of the time you have forms like two or three dots together, looking a bit like a star constellation. This picture has to fit somewhere on that crystal, so you turn the constellation around until it fits. The problem is, once you come close to the solution it automatically fits. So you can basically spin everything around until it works. The game helps too much. After a while you have more constellations in one puzzle, but the concept is the same. Each one could be solved by dragging them randomly around until everything fits. A better solution would be, the puzzle is only solved when every constellation is in place, so even if you have a solution for one constellation you are not sure if it’s right until you have the others in the right position.
Basically in every puzzle there should be more options to screw up, more loose ends. That would not only be more challenging and fun, it would also take longer to finish the game. Because right now, the game is very short.

_PRISM puzzle

I like the idea and I really like the visuals. But right now it’s more eye-candy than a challenging puzzle. And because of its simplicity its very short, which makes the current price too high. But that’s not an impossible problem. More levels and more difficult puzzles and this game is easy one of my favorites.

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