Paragon – Worth a try?

Paragon is out there for a while now, but is constantly updated with new content and it hasn’t been featured on our website. Reason enough to talk about this MOBA right now.
In the times of E-sport, MOBAs and overall competitive multiplayer games we all know about the kings in their genres. Dota, Lol, Overwatch are the names that come to mind when it’s about picking a hero and fight another team mostly by destroying their base. While Dota and Lol are the classic top-down MOBAs and Overwatch is a fast paced first person game, Paragon is the game between all that. You can find elements of all those games in Paragon but it still doesn’t just copy the best features and sells it as a new game. Paragon creates a new gameplay experience using gameplay elements you are familiar with.

Probably the most gorgeous MOBA I’ve played

In Paragon you don’t control your hero with mouse-clicking but with WSAD like in Overwatch or Paladins, but unlike there you see your hero in third person. So it’s faster than the top down games but a lot slower than for example Overwatch. Nevertheless this gameplay mechanic allows you to act a lot quicker and evade enemy attacks simply by changing directions and run like a rabbit over the map. And of course to attack an enemy heor or minion you have to be in range and aim in the right direction, otherwise you would just hit air.
Speaking of minions, Paragon has three lanes with minions, towers and a jungle between all that. Sounds familiar? Yup. But even though the concept isn’t very new, it really works and it’s fun to play. It wouldn’t be as tactical without all this, it would simply be a team deathmatch. You need to coordinate your team throughout the match and across the map to win the game. Protecting the lanes, ambushing enemies, farm in the jungle etc. All that to level up and be stronger than the other team by buying new cards in the shop.

The upgradable main cards are the key to win

In the shop back at your base you can buy special cards with buffs to improve your character. Think of it as the shop items from all the MOBAs, here it’s cards to improve your strength, attack speed, life, that kind of stuff. Almost every card, except for example healing potions, have three slots with supportive cards that you have to buy as well. These cards give buffs too and completing a card set will give you an additional bonus. For example you have a card the improves attack speed. Then you buy three supportive cards, which all give additional attack speed or maybe another improvement. When you bought all the supportive cards you get another small buff on attack speed and more armour.
Each hero needs other cards and each deck and card combination can be created by the player. So it’s up to you which cards you need and which card sets work the best for your hero. To buy cards you simply have to kill stuff on the battlefield. Cool thing: Creatures killed in the jungle fill up a energy collector that sends that energy to every player in the team. So a good jungler can help the whole team getting better cards faster.

The fighting is very cool, especially the effects and high graphics make it look amazing when the whole team is fighting. Each hero is different and the developers have a lot of ideas to create new ones, even though Lol and Dota seem to have every hero imaginable. The jungle offers a few unique monster buffs, giving you a shield or making you invisible for example, which makes in necessary to walk offside, getting the buffs to fight on the lanes. It could be a bit faster, but I thing that is just a matter of taste.

Of course we have shop for skins and stuff – but you can get everything by playing enough matches

Paragon sits between League of Legends and Overwatch and I think it’s closer to Lol. But with its third person gameplay, unique heroes and fresh gameplay ideas to an existing concept, Paragon is not another MOBA but a great game for MOBA fans. If you want to try something new but want to stay within the genre, you should try Paragon.

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