Watch Dogs 2 – World Premiere impression

That ‘Watch Dogs’ will have a sequel was very sure even right after the first part, now its certain. And now Ubisoft showed its creation to the world via a live stream (seems to be a commin thing now). These streams are actually a nice idea, showing more than just a render trailer but also gameplay and dev-talk. Anyway, if you haven’t seen the stream for ‘Watch Dogs 2’ already, here you go:

I have a good and a bad feeling. It’s not a real bad feeling, its just that you have to keep in mind what ‘Watch Dogs 1’ promised and what we actually got. Not a bad game, but certainly not what they promised. The ‘alive world’ was people walking by doing nothing, sometimes a conversation or a car crash. To make a world ‘alive’ you have to give them more little stuff to do. Taking pictures of cool cars, do stuff in the park and react more to the player. GTA for example does that better. And now when they talk about a ‘more alive world’ they showed a jogger, a running dog or a car crash, which all could be just one of five situations of interaction between NPCs … so I am not sure with this part.
The city itself looks really cool though. More different types of environment not only to have more fun but to remember the city in a better way. In the first ‘Watch Dogs’ I had no idea where I was because everything looked the same. This looks different in the sequel and I am certain it will be a better world to play with but of course I don’t know how much better.
Same goes for your tools and abilities. Aidens (The Watch Dogs 1 protagonist, in case you have a fish brain) gadgets were cool but there was room for more. Now we have drones, different weapons, parcour and new and improved hacking skills. All those features look fun, again how much fun it really is will be shown in another video or maybe at release.

‘Watch Dogs 2’ looks promising. The city looks better, the hacking and the tools seem to be cooler and the main character seems to be pretty cool as well. For multiplayer I just need open world coop, nothing more. Again, I have to be careful, ‘Watch Dogs 1’ promised a lot as well. Hopefully ‘Watch Dogs 2’-effect will as good and improving as ‘Assassins Creed 2’.
Release will be November 15th

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