Total War Warhammer – Chaos & Vampires Battles

We got a lot of new details about the Chaos Fraction and the Vampire Counts recently, including some footage of those two fractions fighting (not each other though). Both armies really look cool and seem to bring completely new stuff to the “Total War”-franchise. Watch the two battles here and decide which kind of bad guy you want to be or how you want to face these terrifying armies.

Chaos Battle Trailer:

Vampire Battle Trailer:

There are a more videos to watch, most of them are rather short ones presenting certain units. If you still wish to see more, watch the other videos on the channel showing new units and campaign featuers.
But by now we have a pretty good overview of what is coming. All fractions are presented, most of the units are as well and we saw campaign footage of almost every fraction (except Chaos). Looks very fun to play so far, on 24th of May we will know if the game really is.

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