Total War Warhammer – Chaos Pack not only Pre-order

The ‘Pre-Order Chaos’-Pack-stunt was quite a desaster for SEGA, since pretty much everyone hated the fact that you had to preorder the game to get a whole new race for the game. And not a small one, the Chaos faction is very important in the Warhammer world and a lot of people want to play with them.
Apparently SEGA got that feedback, because they changed their rules. The Chaos Warriors will be included if you preorder OR buy the game within the first week after release. That means you can watch reviews (on Lonelystreetdog) and see how the game works and still get the Chaos Warriors for free. Sounds fair.
Nevertheless they are still in the game as opponents regardless of when you buy it.
To make this post more interesting, here is a recent video of the Chaors Warriors fighting against the Dwarfs:

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