Prune – Mobile Review

Prune is a mobile game and not really one of those games that appear right away when you open your store to search for new games. It’s rather unpopular, but that doesn’t make it a bad game right?
Probably the main reason not that many people have the game is it’s high price, so lets find out what you get for your money.


Prune is a puzzle game, with hardly fast actions. The main object of interest is a tree, well that is pretty obvious if you look at the screenshots or the logo itself. That tree has to grow and reach the sunlight and it is your job to help that tree.
You start by selecting where the tree should start growing. You don’t have that much options there, a small area to start and you decide if it should grow to the left, straight or to the right.
After “planting”, the tree grows a bit. Like a real tree it’s randomized how the tree grows. After a while the tree stops growing, but you haven’t reached sunlight that easy. Now to make the tree bigger you have to cut off parts of the tree you don’t need. Everything that’s growing towards the warm sun is good, everything else goes to trash. Like the good old Fruit Ninja you slice that tree and everything that comes off on the sides is additional wood for the upper parts.
That starts pretty easy, but after a few levels you really have to be careful what you cut down. Sometimes it’s so close to the sunlight but you cannot cut anything else down and have to start again. This is never frustrating though, there is never the one and only correct way for the tree to grow. Well, that wouldn’t be possible, since the tree grows randomly. Like nature and stuff.

After a while it is not only the shadows and walls that keep you from sunlight. Wind creates a rather curvy tree and the red sun from the cover is like poison for you. One tiny branch touches it and the whole tree is destroyed … or you are fast enough and cut off that part. It gets challenging, but never too difficult to be stressed or frustrated, which is a great thing.


Talking about stress, this game is quite the opposite. Everything about this game is simple but beautiful. I could take a screenshot at any second of the game, which I did at first (even though there is an option to take pictures…). The slow movement of the tree, the falling branches, the wind, the stars, … I really like the style of Prune. It kinda looks like an asian painting with all the red and white.
The music is like the art style. Not too much, just enough for a good relaxing atmosphere. You play this game when it’s dark and cold outside and you want nothing too complicated. Prune is like a cup of tea in the evening. Simply relaxing.

But I do have to mention the price. It’s good that there are still games, where you just pay once and get a full game, not alway Free2Play with diamonds/gold/crystals/whatever. You have to be interested, if you just look for a game to play while waiting for the bus, Prune is too expensive. It is a great game though, if you like puzzle games and a good art style, you should check this out. If there is a time where the price is reduced or even for free, this is a must have.


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