Evolve Free2Play – Finally the big change?

Right now there is a countdown on the Evolve website. It will be over soon and there are two options what it could be: A major change for Evolve or a completely new game. Well, we already know it’s a change. Because Evolve will be Free2Play.
Evolve has disappeared from Steam and people were confused. Shortly after that the developers explained everything, that the game will be Free2Play. This is a reaction to the fact that nobody plays this game anymore. Almost every unknown browser-game had more active players than Evolve. At some point you could barely create two or three full lobbys. But honestly, that isn’t the players fault.
Evolve isn’t a bad game. In fact, it’s pretty good. When I tested this game I liked it a lot. I wanted a bit more random aspects to make each round more unique, but no game is perfect. At that point I already knew that one of the monsters will be available only through pre-order (and Day-One-Buy) and like a lot of people I didn’t like that. But ok, as long as the rest is in the game, I could live with that. Then the first season pass came out. And with it the first pack of hunters to buy. And the prices … oh boy! During Steam Sale I could get one or two full new games for that! So I refused to buy them. Like a lot of other people did as well. The game was already losing players.
Then, after a few overpriced hunters and weapon skins, a second (!) season pass came out. And how on earth could such a game have two season passes in such a short time?! If an online game with massive content releases a second season pass years after it releases, still not the best choice but ok. But Evolve – with full price of a AAA-title – made you pay extra for the other half of the game. Frustration and anger were more than reasonable at this moment and Evolve lost almost every player within a very short time.

Now it could change. After some time (could have been earlier) they want to change the game in a better way. With a Free2Play-model they could get more people to play the game but still have small DLCs where you have to pay. In an open letter Turtle Rock said they “want that magic back” and now they are working on a new version of the game. This means the game will go back to Beta status in a few hours.
Additional changes will come as well:

We’re reworking the hunter classes to make the team less reliant on having experienced trappers and medics.
We’re making improvements to the maps and UI.
We’re improving load times, overall performance, and getting you into the game faster.
We’re focusing on improving stability and fixing bugs.
We’re completely reworking our progression system and tutorials.
We’re adding more customization options.

It seems like they are really trying to make this game popular again. And it’s a very good thing, that they not only push a button to make Evolve Free2Play, they are changing the game (more or less) completely.
People who already own the game and paid for it will get a ‘Founder State’ and will be rewarded with small bonuses, DLCs etc. We will see how much and what exactly we will get.

I really liked Evolve. I still do. I only stopped playing because of the reasons above. Many other players did as well. I will defenitely check out the Beta and I really hope this game gets back on track, if the devs really want to say sorry and try to make a better game they should be rewarded for that. As long as it won’t be Pay2Win.

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