Battlefield 1 – Some facts

World War I. DICE is going back in time after a lot of ‘near (and far) future’ stuff from various publishers. While others keep going further into the future, Battlefield is trying the opposite. And people love it. The trailer for the game already has a million likes. Graphics are amazing, even though this is a render trailer.
It isn’t much, but we already know a few things, Battlefield 1 will have:

Six campaign missions: A leaked achievement list from reddit shows the achievements for six missions in the singleplayer campaign. This list is not official, but could be true and we would have six missions, maybe in six different countries, like Italy (Achievement: ‘Avanti Savoia!’). This list also reveals that weapons will be bought like in ‘Battlefield: Hardline’ and not via levels. Third thing from the list are mini objectives for squads during multiplayer sessions. These are new and we have to wait for more information.

Multiplayer Maps: A lot of europe for sure. We will have the french Argonne with large forests, italian alps maybe for cool air battles, the arabic desert and of course beaches with trenches. And apparently with a lot of destroyable environment for a greater battle feeling.

Multiplayer Classes: There will be Assault, Medic, Support and Scout. These classes kinda explain themselves, hopefully each class can be changed enough to create individual soldiers on the battlefield.

Multiplayer Battles will be for 64 players.
There will be squads.
A lot of war machines to drive and fly. And it will be possible to control battleships again. Oh, and horses. Awesome!
Close combat will be more important, maybe ammo will be reduced. So we can fight with shovels, bayonets or these badass spike clubs we saw in the trailer.
There will be gas attacks. Players have a gas-mask and while wearing them you hear everthing muffled. Advantage is – well – you don’t die from gas.

Battlefield 1 will be available on october 21st, Early Access is 10/18.

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